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Find the Drav treasure

Lower Međimurje is a hidden treasure of rich culture and art. This area is not only a geographical pearl that shapes the landscape of the Drava River and the reservoir lake, but also a guardian of precious heritage, both tangible and intangible.

Material culture is manifested in picturesque rural architecture, churches and ethnographic collections, such as the one in the Prelog Museum Croata insulanus, in the old parish court in Donji Vidovec or in the Culture Centre in Sveta Marija. Small houses, although rare, of the traditional way of building, tell stories of past times, while imposing churches testify to religious heritage. Intangible cultural heritage lives on in local customs, folk costumes, melodies of cultural and artistic societies and traditional handicrafts.

This area is an undiscovered treasure because it offers an authentic experience that is rarely found in tourist brochures. For the ultimate immersion in the local culture, engage in conversations with hosts, participate in local events, and savor traditional cuisine. Visit ethnographic collections and the Croata insulanus Museum to gain a deeper understanding of history and tradition. Talk to local artists (the Art Association of Lower Međimurje), attend exhibitions, and explore the area’s art trails. This is an opportunity to discover extraordinary talents that often remain hidden, contributing to the special atmosphere that makes the Drava Treasure area a true artistic paradise.


Culture not only inspires enthusiasm in us, but also takes us on an emotional exploration. It opens the door to different worlds, filling our hearts with emotions and new perspectives. Traveling through art, tradition and history, we explore the depths of human expressions and connect with past times, thus opening new horizons for understanding the world and ourselves.

Experience the richness of culture:

  • Step 1

    Be open to new experiences and ideas. Embrace the diversity and specifics of each culture, and reflect on your own experiences and interpretations.

  • Step 2

    Allow yourself to connect emotionally with the artwork or cultural aspects that appeal to you.

  • Step 3

    Look for information about the history, context and symbolism of cultural artifacts or events. Informing yourself can improve your understanding and increase enthusiasm even before you arrive at your destination.

  • Step 4

    Listen to stories, music or dialects that represent a particular culture, encourage you to delve deeper into the culture of a place

Find the way to harmony: