Preloško sea

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Continental Oasis of Water Activities 

Not all seas are "at the seaside", nor all "Amazons" in Brazil. Some seas can be found deep in the green expanse of the Croatian continent, and a special place among these, land seas, has the locally known "Prilok Sea", located in the heart of the "Amazon of Europe". Prilok or rather, the Prelog Sea, as the locals named it, is actually the Lake HPP Dubrava. The area of 17km2 makes it the largest artificial, but also the second largest lake in Croatia, right after Lake Vrana. It is surrounded by the gentle and green plains of Lower Međimurje, and fed by the water of the Drava River, which, due to its preservation and wilderness, is adorned with the nickname "Amazon of Europe", together with the Danube and Mura River. The biggest tourist attraction of the lake is the Marina Prelog Sports and Recreation Zone with the Water Sports Center. Here you can enjoy a whole range of activities that include exploring the beauty of the lake and the nearby wild course of the Drava, relaxed family gatherings or sport activities.

Activities in Marina Prelog

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