Drava River

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Enrich yourself with Drava treasure 
If you are perhaps more into wild waters then we definitely suggest water sports on the Drava! The Drava River offers diverse opportunities for water sports, especially in areas where access to water is provided.

Kayaking and canoeing provide an opportunity to explore the river, enjoy the natural beauty of the environment and watercourses. Although the Drava is not known for its intense rapids, there is a possibility of rafting on parts of the river where water conditions are suitable. SUP isincreasingly popular on rivers such as the Drava. This activity provides an opportunity to paddleboard and explore the river at your own pace, whether for recreation or as a sporting challenge. The Drava is also rich in fish, making it an ideal place for fishing. Different species of fish inhabit this river, and fishermen can enjoy peace and quiet with the sound of water. Before embarking on any of these activities, it is advisable to inform yourself about the conditions on the river, safety measures and legal requirements related to each of the activities.