Amazon of Europe

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Enrich yourself with Drava treasure 
The Amazon of Europe Bike Trail, over 1,250 kilometers long, follows the river landscape of the Mura, Drava and Danube rivers and offers a unique opportunity for an active vacation. The bicycle path leads you on both sides of the river – the Northern and Southern paths.

Cycle along endless floodplains and forests and get to know the beautiful natural and cultural landscape of all five countries where nature knows no borders. Find information about the route: In the context of Prelog and the surrounding areas, the “Amazon of Europe” represents exceptional natural diversity, forests, rivers and lakes that abound in biological wealth. This area, with its lush nature and diverse ecosystems, attracts nature lovers, explorers and tourists looking for unique experiences in harmony with nature. In order to experience this title of the European Amazon, exploring the bike paths allows visitors to experience the diversity of the landscape, flora and fauna, and to connect with the natural beauty of this area, which makes it an attractive destination for lovers of active holidays in nature.